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Case Studies
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Derek photo Subject Derek

I followed his gaze over my shoulder, and let out a yelp. The guy standing behind me had to be six feet tall, with shoulders as wide as the door. Though he was as big as an adult, he'd never be mistaken for one. His face could be used as the "before" picture for acne cream. Dark hair hung in his eyes, lank and dull.

"I-I-I--" I swallowed. "I didn't see you there."

He reached past me and took the cracker sleeve from Simon. When he started to retreat, Simon grabbed the back of his shirt.

"We're still teaching him manners," he said to me. "Derek, Chloe. Chloe, my brother Derek."

"Brother?" I said.

"Yeah." Derek's voice was a low rumble. "Identical twins."

"He's my foster brother," Simon said. "So I was just about to tell Chloe—"

"We done here?" Derek said.

Simon waved him away, then rolled his eyes. "Sorry."

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