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Case Studies
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Daniel photoSubject  Daniel

As I yelled and Kenjii barked, another sound joined it—the rumble of a badly tuned motor. Then, a honk. A welcoming shout out a rolled-down window. Then a curse as Daniel saw why I wasn't waiting outside the gates. The brakes squeaked. The door slammed. Sneakers pounded the hard earth.

It was then that the cougar decided it was time to go. Daniel has that effect on people, too. He's only about five-ten, but he's been the island wrestling champion twice and it shows. Marv hopped to the ground, mustered his dignity and slid into the undergrowth.

Daniel shook his head as he watched the cat's tail disappear. "Haven't I told you not to play with the big kitties, Maya?"

"It was Marv."

"Again? What's that, the third time this month? I think he likes you."

"What can I say? I'm serious catnip."

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