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Case Studies
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Nicole photoSubject  Nicole

I glanced over to see Nicole Tillson, the mayor’s daughter, at her locker. She looked from me to Rafe, concern darkening her blue eyes. I mouthed "Save me," and her pixie face lit up in a grin.

She scampered over. "Oh, thank god I found you. Did you read that chapter for history? I was halfway through when Hayley called and I never got back—" Her eyes widened as if she'd just noticed Rafe there. "Oh, hey, Rafe. Do you mind if I steal Maya's brain for a minute? I seriously need it."

We stopped at her locker so she could get the book she'd come for. I had to help her with that. I'm only five foot five, but Nicole's at least four inches shorter and the guys like to stick her books up where she can't reach them.

Nicole was on the swim team and in the choir, so she'd been more Serena's friend than mine. That changed once Serena was gone. We'd kind of taken on each other as replacement pals. It wasn’t a great fit—we didn't really have that much in common—but it filled a gap.

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