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Case Studies
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Sam photoSubject  Sam

As Rafe stopped, Sam Russo appeared behind him and walked past, shouldering Rafe aside with a smirk, then switched to a genuine smile as she said something to Daniel. Sam is our second newest student. Her parents died two years ago, and she'd come to live with the Tillsons, who were her second cousins or something like that. If there was any resemblance between Sam and Nicole, though, I couldn't see it.

Sam is an inch taller than me, kind of stocky, with dark hair and wide-set blue eyes. She has freckles, too, and the only time I’ve seen her wear makeup is when Corey teased that her freckles were "cute" and she tried to cover them up.

When she first arrived in Salmon Creek, we'd all tried to make her feel welcome. Serena and I tried harder than anyone, because we thought she was cool, in a smart-mouth, big-city way. But Sam wielded her outsider status like a shield, so we'd given up.

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