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Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising

Can you make a movie or TV version of these books?
Unfortunately, Kelley can’t do that herself.  A studio needs to approach her about buying the rights to the books and that hasn’t happened yet.

Why are there no vampires in these books?
Kelley does write vampires, but not often.  With this trilogy, she wanted to explore less common supernatural types.  However, because vampires are so popular, she has been invited to contribute stories to several YA vampire anthologies, and has done so with a spin-off character, Kat.  You can find Kat’s stories in The Eternal Kiss and Kisses from Hell.

Why does the jewel on Chloe’s necklace keep changing colours?
The ‘official’ answer is that the necklace changes colour as Chloe gains power, however, the necklace changed colour because the publisher thought blue was pretty. Then purple.

Why were plot threads left dangling in The Reckoning if it’s the end of the trilogy?
Because it’s the end of the first trilogy, not the end of the series.  The Darkest Powers tells the story of how these characters first got together, but not the rest of their story.

When are you going to write a fourth Darkest Powers book?
While the initial trilogy ended with The Reckoning, the series itself continued with the Darkness Rising trilogy, featuring different teens in the same world, who are subjects of another Edison Group experiment. The two groups join forces in the last book of the series, The Rising.

So the YA series is finished after The Rising?
That series (Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising) will be done for now. I’ve finished the first book in a brand new series and you’ll find a bit about it here.

Other Questions

When are you going to come to my city for an event?
As soon as an event is confirmed, I put it here. My publisher arranges signings and I have no say in where they send me. For other events, I accept a limited number of invitations (to attend conventions, give workshops, speak at libraries.) In the past couple of years, I over-booked myself and I am cutting back for 2013 and beyond. I love meeting readers, but my family likes to see me now and then!



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